The Newman district

Making your home in Angrignon means living right next to one of the most beautiful urban parks. It is truly a natural oasis blending flora and fauna to produce a breathtakingly beautiful parkland area.

Take a morning walk, enjoy a bicycle ride, savour a pastoral picnic on a sunny Sunday afternoon or cruise peacefully on the lake. Your new world promises to be green and relaxing.

Nearby attractions

The LaSalle borough is undertaking a major revitalization of the Angrignon district. Along the bustling Newman Boulevard, near Carrefour Angrignon, you will find a great variety of entertainment venues, restaurants and all types of businesses. This plentiful selection and the nearby public transport system will make your trips more enjoyable.

There is a world of possibilities in your new neighbourhood, including shopping opportunities, fine dining with friends or periods of relaxation in the park.


Restaurants and cafés

Shopping centers and grocery stores

LaSalle hospital

Public transit

Angrignon Park


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